08 Ford Escape Continental tires

I own an o8 escape with 24,000 miles. The tires have uneven wear on the inside and the noise they make while driving is unbearable!!! Had the tires rotated twice and aligned once. Ford states its the tires and of course its not under the warranty and tire dealer saids its Ford! Anyone else having the same problem?

Sometime over the past couple of months, another person posted the exact same problem with a late-model Escape that also had Continental tires. (That wasn’t you, was it?)

IIRC, after much dickering and finger pointing at the dealership, the OP contacted the Ford Zone Representative and the eventual outcome was replacement of the tires, gratis. So, I would suggest two things:

Use the search function on this site to see if you can locate that other thread on the same issue, as it should be helpful to you. My recollection of the events and circumstances is not necessarily accurate.

Contact the Ford Zone Representative. Contact info should be found in your Owner’s Manual.

Good luck!

I have the same problem on a 2008 Escape Limited with 26K miles. The only thing Ford doesn’t realize is that I travel for business about 2 weeks a month and I rent from Hertz and I have rented 3 2008 Escapes in the last 6 months and 2 of them have or were developing the same problem. I think it is a problem with Camber/tires. My last 3 cars (we drive a lot and purchase a car every year and half on average) went 50-60K miles with only one tire rotation–the thing was they were all Japenese cars. This is my first Ford.

Thank-you for your comment. I am another person with the same problem, and will contact the Ford Zone Rep. Again thank-you