Ford Co door codes, early '90s

The hand-me-down '94 Taurus (only 85K miles) has the five(?)-button electronic door locks. The Owner’s Manual says I need the code for the locks so I can unprogram the automatic locking of the doors that happens when the car is put in gear. Previous owner has no idea if the codes were ever written down.

A Dealer says they cannot just take the VIN and ask the facory for the codes. I have to bring in the car and have it scanned from the computer. Is that true, and would an independent mechanic have the scanner to read that code?

I had an older Taurus that had the code for the locks on a sticker inside the trunk lid. I suggest exploring the car and the owner’s documentation (if you have it).

Thanks. The car is living 35 miles away, I do not see it often, and this is not an emergency. It might be a while, but I’ll let you know what I find. (Car was rear ended before I got it, so trunk lid might have been reworked, perhaps eliminating the sticker.)

Any other magic suggestions, guys?

In some Fords the number is on a sticker on the module that hooks to the buttons and the door locks and stuff. My guess is that it is in the door and is called the DDM (driver door module). If you get no joy here find a Taurus forum.

Thank you, McParadise and Beads! The car was home today. I found the code sticker in the trunk and did the job. Turns out the Manual tells me where to look ofr the codes, including on the computer in the luggage compartment.