95 taurus doorlocks

4 dr taurus,locks stay in lock mode,tried a different control box in trunk,unhitched keyless entry pad,removed switch from pass door…power going to 4 feeds as if something telling it to lock,took battery out of fob…etc…when i remove fuse from dash…they lose power…but parking lights come on…was a viper alarm/remote start that i removed…triple checked wiring…nothing obvious…any help appreciated

I have a feeling the wiring harness was butchered when the alarm was installed. You’re going to have to start by splicing things back together they way they were originally (pre-alarm).

If you mean that the 12V is ALWAYS on the lock solenoids (then how do you get it open??), I can’t offer any more help than NYBo, except tracing tracing the source of the 12V MIGHT be easier than resplicing the wiring harness.

If, OTOH, all that happens is that the locks close when you put the car in gear and drive, then that is a normal mode of that vintage Taurus. Instructions for changing the mode are in the Owner’s Manual. You will need to know the keyless entry code: it is on a little sticky lable inside the trunck lid (and maybe another place that I forget). The Manual mentions that, too.

wiring harness is fine…only 1 wire was actually cut in half .as soon as battery is hitched up…locks go in lock mode and continue to try to lock…got windows down so not worried about getting in…changed keyless box in trunk and code still same problem

I no longer have my 95 Taurus, but I do still have the factory wiring diagrams for it.

The lock switches are wired to the RKE/remote keyless entry module in the trunk.

The pink/yellow stripe is wired to pin 4 “lock input”

Pink/light green is wired to pin 5, “unlock input”

The door switches ground one of these wires to lock or unlock the doors.

Pull the connector off of the RKE & check those wires.

You should see an open circuit on both wires.

If someone operates one of the lock switches, the open should become a ground.