No spare key for door locks


I bought a used 99 Ford Taurus but only received the ignition key and the remote for the door locks, which I did not realize until I had some spare keys made and when I tested them I found out that they work only in the ignition. So my question is: Without an original key to copy, where do I go to get one made?? TO a Ford dealer or to a locksmith?? And does anyone know what these kind of services cost??


Hmm… seems to me that this car should have a shared ignition / door key, I am willing to bet that the ignition switch has been replaced.

With Ford keys, the first few “cuts” of the key (up to about the first 1/3 of the key) work in the ignition. The next few cuts work in the door and trunk. Essentially you’re getting two keys on one.

Assuming the scenario that I laid out above is correct, you can go to Ford with your VIN number (and proof of ownership) and they can add the door cuts to your current key so that it works in both ignition and door.

If this car has a separate door / ignition key (which I think is rare with Ford cars), you can just go to Ford with the vin and current registration or title and get a door key cut.


A parts place might order a matched set for you. Any repair shop will take money to do the job.


The trunk lock would be the easiest to remove and presumably uses the same key as the doors. Remove the trunk lock and take it to a locksmith for a duplicate key.


I assume someone replaced the ignition tumbler without matching the correct key for the car. If so, the rest of the locks are probably correct for the car and the dealer can make you new keys based on the VIN. The dealer should also be able to order the correct ignition tumbler for you car (to match the doors), like the PO should have done.


You are almost correct.

Ignition lock has 6 cut positions

Door Lock has 6 cut positions…

But there are only 10 cuts !

2 cuts are SHARED… so it may ruin 2 cuts on the “new” ignition key, adding the 6 door code cuts.

The answer is to go to a locksmith, and have an unassembled lock keyed up to the door key, putting everything back to OE.

Parts store will not be able to do this, and dealer likely will only sell a complete lock set for the entire car, since it is a 1999.

Locksmiths have what car dealers say CANT BE DONE to.

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