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Ford C-Max Tyres

I have tried a few different tyre brands on my car but they seem to wear really fast. The front tyres have only lasted approx 10,000 miles. Was wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and if they can reccommend a particular brand that is better suited to this vehicle.

Look for a tire with the highest tread wear rating. The longest lasting tires that I have watched on a vehicle are BFGoodrichRadial Long Trail T/A, but I am sure there are ones with better tread life. Check on for tires that fit your vehicle and look at their tread wear rating.

Are the tires wearing evenly across the tread? If not, there might be an alignment issue. Have you been rotating the tires and checking the tire pressure on a regular basis?

A good website to do research is

Tell us what brand and model tires you have. Performance tires use a soft rubber compound to grip the road better. Because it’s soft, it wears faster.

Do you live in Europe? The C-Max is not sold in the North America.