Tires that will last

What brand and model of tire have folks found that will last? I have had trouble getting even half of the projected treadwear mileage from the last few sets I have pkurchased. I’ve been through some Falkens, a pair of Arizonians, a set of Hercules, etc… A vehicle I bought used had some Goodyear Assurance which were OK. I traded off a vehicle which had recently acquired Uniroya. The only vehicle I’ve gotten truly long-wear on my tires was an 89 Ford Escort which came with Michelins - 70-80K. But that was alight weight car. I’m driving a minivan now. Any suggestions - or is Michelin the answer?

Michelins are–generally speaking–my go-to tires, but no matter what make and model of tire that somebody buys, he/she needs to have an understanding of the UTQG ratings on the sidewall of a tire. In essence, the higher the treadwear number, the longer the tread of that tire should last.

However, even the most durable tire tread can have its life shortened if the owner…
… rarely or never checks and corrects the inflation pressure
… does mostly urban driving, with a lot of turning
… doesn’t rotate the tires every 5k or 7.5k miles
… doesn’t have the alignment checked, and corrected when necessary

Take a look at:


VDC beat me to it… lol

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance is the key to tire life… And the way you drive as well as where you drive…

You get what you pay for (most of the time) when it comes to tires…
My brother jut got 95K miles out of his 60K mile rated Destination LE2’s… He also is almost all highway miles and doesn’t drive fast…
A cab driver will only get at best 1/2 the miles rated no matter the tire manufacture (Nashville anyway)…
I drive fast and have never gotten the mileage the tires are rated for even though I am up on rotations, air pressure and alignments (checked and corrected every 5K miles)…
I have seen a bad/loose ball joint through the alignment off so far that it killed front tires in 2K miles, inside blew out from going past the steal and the outer edges looked new…

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Information based on tests and surveys is available at and at Consumer Reports. Not all models within a brand have the same characteristics, including longevity. Not all models are made in all sizes. Start with the size you need, then narrow your search criteria.


Every tire brand has a lot of different tire for different purposes . The key word is ’ Research ’ .
If a person does not drive much than the tires might age out before tire wear .


Get tires with high UTQG numbers, 500 or more. Also rotate tires every time you change oil and keep them properly inflated. I had 52,000 miles on the OEM tires on my Accord when I sold it to my daughter. Still had 6/32 tread left.

If they still make Michelin defenders do not get them.
From Costco for sure. Any other Michelin will be ok.

I never had any luck with the off brands like cooper, uniroyal, etc. but I did get 110,000 on a set of Goodyear something or other. 15” wheels and freeway driving I guess. But long lasting has never been a major concern of mine, especially on snow and ice.

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First, most tire wear occurs when cornering. So driving in the city is going to result in faster tire wear than driving in the country.

Some minivans seem to be problematic when it comes to tire wear. I don’t know if it is them not using a big enough tire, or it’s in the steering geometry.

Based on what you’ve posted, get tires with high UTQG treadwear ratings. It’s quite possible you’ll never get mileage out ANYTHING you purchase.


I was planning on my daughter getting “Michelin Defender 2” for her Tiguan. Not from Costco but a Tire shop. From what I have read they have good reviews. why do you say not to get them?


Tire discussions fall in the same Black Hole as Oil discussions :thinking:


Consumer Reports publishes tire recommendations once a year. Ask the staff at your public library for that issue.

I purchased new tires all around for both my Corolla and truck a couple years ago, been 100% satisfied with them so far. Michelin Defender LTX for my truck, Hankook Optimo for the Corolla.

I too am very happy with Michelin Defenders from Discount tire. I am curious also on what may be wrong with them. Maybe I can do better. I don’t mind spending good money on good tires I Michigan. I use them on my Town and Country van.

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A lot of times the way Walmart, Sam’s Club and Costco gets the tires cheaper is because they are made with less tread (Michelin), meaning having 10/32 vs 12/32 tread depth… Also A Goodyear (Viva, Reliant etc) from Walmart is Walmart-exclusive brand and if you have an issue with it and take it to a Goodyear dealer, they will tell you it is not one of theirs (some other brands are the same way)… They will also get tires that have been Discontinued from brand X, but are now available through them…

I got something like 30,000 on my oem Michelin. I was going to put them on again but the shop suggested Goodyear weather ready. Very happy with those. Even grabbed wel on glare ice when I had trouble walking.

Just FYI. The Defender has been replaced with a new tire. Defender2

Treadwear warranties are imaginary. That said, I’ve owned about 25 cars and almost never have I worn tires out due to lack of tread. They either get punctures or they age-out and get sidewall/trear interface cracking before I take all the tread off. You must be very lucky if you find that bald tires are your tires’ end-of-life event. Here is my reality: 3 Flats In One Day - Why a Spare Tire and Portable Air Pump Are A Must - Car Talk


Defender to Defender 2? That’s it? Sort of makes a person wonder why they bothered to change the name? … lol … .

I am going to disagree, because someone who drives on bald tires is–IMO–putting himself, his passengers, and the folks with whom he shares the road in danger.

2/32" equates to “bald” in most (perhaps all… ) states. I replace my tires when they get to 4/32", but I don’t expect everyone to do that, just as I don’t expect people to wait until their tires are bald before they replace them.

I typically age harden tires before I wear them out.

I have had 3 sets of Firestone Destination LE tires on my truck. That is what it came with. About 45 to 55k miles before I replaced each of them. I wished I bought a 4th set as the Khumos i have now don’t ride, track or give as good mpgs as the LEs