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Ford Focus Rear Tire Wear/Alignment

I have a 2005 Ford Focus which has 84000 miles on it. I got it w/ 12000 miles, and have now had 3 alignments from 3 diffent places; the longest my rear tires lasted was 23000 miles (60000mi tires)when I had it aligned at ford… I had asked if there was anything wrong with the rear suspension, and was told that there isn’t. I have been told by shops, and found information online that focus seem to eat through tires…is there anything that can be done to fix this problem? I’m tired of getting new tires and an alignment every 15k-23k miles.

Have you explored the possibility that the rear struts are worn out?
Have you had the chassis checked for evidence of collision damage?

Any vehicle that has independent rear suspension can have this problem. The shocks have to be in top shape and when you have the alighment do it with the load you normally carry.

First, you need to find an independent alignment shop - one not connected with a vehicle dealer.

Second, my experience says that the alignment specs published by vehicle manufacturers is too wide - not the target value - the tolerance. Put another way, in order to prevent tire wear issues, the alignment must be in the inner half of the tolerance.

Many alignment techs will tell you if the factory did not provide alignment adjustment built in, then the vehicle can not be adjusted - They are wrong. EVERY vehicle can be adjusted, but it might take some shims or an eccentric bolt or some other method, but they can all be adjusted.

So find an alignment shop that agrees with that - and keep looking until you do.

You might elaborate on how the tires are wearing; cupping, feather edging, scrubbing off the inside or outside edges, along with relating if you ever rotate the tires at regular intervals.

Without knowing those details it’s impossible to make much of a guess as to what is going on.

I would also point out that you bought the car with 12k miles on it and many a car has gotten whacked by another vehicle long before 12k miles is accrued. Maybe this one is no different.

I have a 2000 Focus w/ 108k, tires lasted from 17K to 40K depending on the tires, just got my 5th set on.
Also have premium wheel 205/50/16 size, which last less than the standard 15in wheel size. Per my experience the pressure setting given by Ford are wrong. On mine they are 32/32 but 32 is too much for the rear as then the edges of the tires do not make contact with the road and it wears the inside off too fast (overinflation). Now I set them at 32/28 front/rear, you may want to try.

That was one helpful tip about ford focus parts especially for the tires. I mean any alignment job is difficult for me and the adjusting part is so hard to do.