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Jaguar tires

What is the deal with the tires on 2003 Jaguar, 3.0 X-type? Maybe it’s just my Jaguar. I have to change my tires frequently (about once or twice a year)–brand new set of tires! I’ve been told it’s because they are low performance tires. I wish I had known before I bought the car. Is anyone else having this problem? What is the best tire for this car, to eliminate the frequent buyer miles?

Michelin are the X-Type tires of choice. But unless you either regularly rally cross the car or cover very high mileages you shouldn’t be changing tires twice a year.

A few questions…

What kind of mileage or you getting from your existing tires and what tires are you presently using ?

Is the tire wear even thought the tread width ? If not what type of wear characteristics are you experiencing ?

You should expect slightly higher tire wear from the X-Type since it is an AWD car, however X-Type wheel alignment is critical to tire wear, in particular rear wheel alignment can be within tolerances but will give dramatically increased tire wear - if you haven’t had this checked recently, get it checked at a good shop that can provide accurate 4 wheel alignment services.

High performance or low rolling resistance (high mileage) tyres tend to have short tread life. Of course how you drive can also mean low tread life.

You might want to check out TireRack,  They have quite a few user reviews of tyres.

How many miles are you driving and how often do you rotate the tires? You should be rotating them every other oil change.

You may have the low profile tires on the vehicle but you can buy longer wearing performance tires. Some examples include the excellent Michelin Exalto Pilots, Bridgestone Potenza G019 Grid , Yokohama AVID tires. I am usually not a Made in the USA person but all those listed are such or Japan. Getting tires from a third world country means junk these days sadly.

Also some makers like Cooper and others make lower priced “performance look” tires that basically are better wearing typically but not top tier. The only issue with Cooper is they started to include the label “Made in China”, so you get what you pay for including recalled tires on occasion.

What type of tires are they (brand, model)? I suspect that they are high performance tires, made from a softer rubber compound that grips better. But the added grip means that they wear out much faster. If you drive fast and corner hard, that will reduce tire life as well.

I agree with the alignment suggestion. If you don’t get an alignment done with your new tires, you may want to start.

Most likely you have high performance tires with softer rubber compound, therefore they are wear out at accelerated rate. Would suggest you get a cheap tires if you don’t want to keep changing them every year, however you will sacrifice your cornering/stopping abilities wet road driving would be different also.