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For the Webmasters

Who would like the “New” or “Latest” button to take you to the most recent QUESTION, when I hit either button I get the newest/latest RESPONSE to a question. Sometimes the question is several years old.

That is how most forums work and that is why all you have to do is check the dates.

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The button takes you to the latest original posting or response to a posting regardless of the age of the OP. I am perfectly OK with that. For me a response to an old question can be just as interesting and if I don’t like it simply ignore it. No big deal if you look at the OP date.

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Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. I happened to be playing with this this week. The “new” button does bring up new questions, as opposed to the “latest,” which does what you pointed out.

Most forums also list topics sorted by last entry. This forum doesn’t. That’s why we see topics near the top of the list that were last posted 5 years ago. Why they don’t sort by last updated is beyond me.

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I keep my setting at Latest and if under the activity it shows the last at 1 day or more I don’t even read it.

I go on using an iPad, doesn’t show date unless I click on the post.
Just hit the “Latest” button, second on list was the Sedans are in trouble post which is about a week old.

Latest button gives you the latest reply to a thread. Not sure what you are looking for but I doubt there are going to be any changes made to the forum setup.

What I would like is to see the most recent question. If a new question is posted right this minute I would like it to be at the top of the list.

I probably don’t understand your intention, but if what you want is to position the portion of the thread you are seeing instantly to the end (most recent response) you can click the bottom of that vertical line at the far right, and the thread scrolls immediately to the most recent response.

No, I would like the option of seeing the newest Origninal Post. Both the Latest button Ana New button take you to the most recent RESPONSE even though the Original Post maybe three years old.