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For common sense

Sure, you can claim it. I’ll be at the bar in White City tomorrow. My other hobby’s making country music. We’ll also be at The Den in two weeks. Our website’s at, or I’m at steelguitarlane And Mountainbike, I usually try to lend a hand where I can

I’ve no doubt. People who say thank you are usually the same ones that reach out to help others.

Enjoy your beers, guys. Have a great weekend.

Thanks For The Offer. It’s Geographically Challenging At This Time. How About A Rain Check?

If I get into Kansas I’ll ask and find out where your next gig is. This sounds like a fun time that I’ll sorely miss.


There’s a BAR in White City Kansas? As in suburb of Delavan? The last time I was through there was on a night time TSD rally with the K-State Sports Car Club about 1970. It looked pretty dead then, but it was probably after 2:00 AM.

I couldn’t make your link work, but found the website with a google search of “jody scott and too country”. Cool.

it’s probably

ok what in the world are you all talking about???

It’s a long story that meanders through three or four threads. Basically, I posted a link that helped Stylgar with a peoblem he was having with a 240Z. In appreciation he offered to buy me a beer if I was ever in his area. I “passed” on the beer, as I live a very, very long way from there, but CSA, having also helped, accepted.

I makes me feel good inside when good folks get together. I hope they can link up successfully.