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Thank you, Mountainbike!

If you’re near Topeka, I’d buy you a beer. Or something like that. The page you pointed to had a link for the rear struts. In it, he said ‘I find it can be very difficult to remove the spindle from the transverse link, so I prefer to drop the transverse link with the strut assembly’. And a guide on how to do that. I’ll hand you stars the next time I get to a real computer. And to the guy who told me to buy the book, if the amazon link was for the Chilton book, I already have it. I may get the restore book later.

Yuo are very welcome. I’m glad I was able to connect you with a helpful link. Even if I was in error about which struts you were trying to remove (oops!).

I’ll tell you what, instead of buying me a beer, pass along the favor. When someone you don’t know needs a hand with something you can help with offer them your advice. What goes around comes around.

Happy wrenching.

Beer Me!

I gave him some stars for you. If I’m near Topeka, may I have TSM’s beer? I’ll pass the favor along!