Anyone going to the Hawk Vintage races at Road America next week?

If you are, we should meet up and say hi!

Sorry, can’t be there. Elkhart is only about 50 miles from my house, just NW of Milwaukee. I sometimes feel so privileged to live here in WI with all of its amenities including Elkhart Lake. I recall seeing Saabs going around the Canadian Corner, a fairly sharp right turn, on three wheels with the right rear several inches above the pavement. Have a great time and love the bratwurst and beer!

It’s too far away for me but I’d certainly love to see it.
A gentleman who used to teach SAAB service courses was huge into road racing. He taught in Chicago and lived in WI. He had some SAAB backing but was on thin ice with them at times as SAAB was starting to take a dim view of the practice.
Sometimes he would peek out the door, make sure no higher up was around, and then tell us a racing story or non-approved modification.

He raced over much of the eastern half of the country. One time he dismissed class early on Friday so we could all get to O’Hare quickly and get home and he then headed out for Road Atlanta. Drive all night and race all weekend.

Y’all should go some time, for sure. I was at another vintage event there a few years back and saw this:

Check the second to last car. That’s a real, not replica, Bugatti Type 35. And it was for-real racing, not just a parade lap.

These are exactly the type of events where Car Talk should have a tent with real live people there representing the show and we discussion board participants could go there to meet and greet them and each other.
Maybe that would also keep the board relevant and in the public eye.

I agree, actually. Grassroots Motorsports had a setup at events like this for awhile. They seemed to get a lot of attention off of it. It’d just be a 10x10 canopy with Tim Studdard and maybe a columnist standing around talking to car people about cars, and selling magazine subscriptions almost as an afterthought. Was pretty cool. I still have a T-shirt they were giving out one year, so they still get advertising off of me 15 years later.