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Florida Car Clubs

Hi Everyone! Does anyone know of a good car club in the central Florida/Tampa area? I have a 1972 Ford Galaxie 500 4 door if that helps. Thanks in advance!

You might start here…

Attend some shows, meet some folks and see which group most fits your personality.

Maybe this group…

As a Florida resident, I’ve found there are a lot of shows, cruise-in and cars and coffee. They tend to be small core groups that attract non-affiliated folks. From January to April, there are a ton of automotive-type activities. So many, they step on each other.

Might stop down to Sarasota to visit the Sarasota Classic Car Museum across from the Ringling Bros Museum. Or the Tampa Bay Automotive Museum. Both are staffed with volunteers. Both may connect you with groups.

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It seems that a simple Google search for ( Florida Car Clubs ) will pull up several pages of possible clubs .

I live just north of Sarasota in Bradenton and agree with @Mustangman about checking out the car museum in Sarasota near the Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport (SRQ).

Also, check this out in the Tampa Bay area to my north.
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I think most people know the power of searching online.

But, that would put you out of work!
What kind of discussion forum would we have without discussions?
Are you trying to spoil all the fun?

Here’s another problem.
I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but there’s lots of junk to sift through on the world wide web. Asking folks on this forum and others could help one cut right to the chase.

Also, a live person with personal experience of some of the clubs could show up here.
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It’s exactly as common_sense_answer said, I did indeed do a search first but the results were overwhelming to say the least. I figured I’d ask to see if anyone had personal experience with some good ones!

Over whelming ? There were links to specific cities and one that seemed to have list of many clubs .

The antique vehicle association looks really good, thanks for suggesting!

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Awesome, thanks for the suggestions. I’ll have to swing over to the museums once they reopen!

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Of those listed which do you recommend as a “good car club”?

Or are they all good? Or just figure it out for yourself.


I’m pretty sure that everybody gets it, now! Thanks! You’re free to go if you’d like…
…or stick around.

We’ll go on with the discussion, now. It’s fun for us.
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@RichPinkall Apparently the 1972 Ford made the trip from Wisconsin to Florida just fine . Did you find a place to install Air Conditioning in the Ford?

I actually haven’t brought it down yet with everything going on, but in about 3 weeks I will have it down. I wanted to do a bit of research on car clubs so I could hit the ground running as it were! Needless to say, it needed a few more repairs than I had expected-I guess my grandpa let it sit a bit too long before he passed :confused: Thanks for asking though, I’m getting very antsy to get behind the wheel again!