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'75 Caprice Classic - Ragtop

Im a young enthusiast looking for information on a good shop in NYC specializing in rebuilds and familiar with Chevy’s.

I’m looking for recommendations on where to get parts for my '75. Im absolutely in love. My only complaint is that I can’t see MYSELF in the car while i drive it!

Anyone with encouragement, advice or info lets chat!

IM thinking about using PREMIUM gas and synthetic oil. Keeping the parts all original, I changed the 2barrel carb to an eddlebrock 4barrel.

That Foose guy on TV does good work (at least the part they show).You may have to re-locate,find his address give him a call then you can compare his price to a “locals” price.

Parts are everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. Any mechanic between the ages of forty and a hundred is familiar with Chevys. You have the best classic car in the world. That body is one of the best ever, with the round headlights and that grill. If you have the 350 engine, you will have no problems getting anything for it. The 396 is huge and more expensive, but worth having. I wish I still had my Impala.

Foose? I dont have that money man. I’m putting love into this over time.

Yeah I’ve looked through some magazines but wasn’t fully sure how diff my 75 parts were from the majority of parts they had for '50-60’s Chevys. I just bought the car, driven it 3 times! I want to piece by piece restore the car. I’m protective but I’m going to go ahead and bring it to a mechanic. Thanks for the encouragement guys.

If you really want to wake it up. get a set of high-compression heads, 4bbl carb, a high rise intake, a custom exhaust with either high flow cats or no cats. Due to emissions standards and lo/no lead fuel. The 350 back in those days had something like 140 HP, or less than a new 4 banger Accord. 140 HP isn’t really enough to motivate 4500 pounds of car.

I have an eddlebrock 4b carb on it now and a dual exaust system. Yeah… I’d like to get this engine clean and pretty if I can. Muscled as much as possible, without straying away from its originality. Ironically my day driver is an '02 Accord cpe.

high rise intake…high compression heads…got it.

Maybe you will be selected to be “Overhauled” did that show get canceled? it hasn’t been on for a month,loved his “helper”

Yeah, my girl isnt muscle, but I’d like to get her in shape. Your info is appreciated. All info is appreciated

foose is the man, that’s true. im not a big fan of being on tv though. the car maybe, not me.