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Ac for 1972 Ford

Hi everyone, I have a 1972 Ford Galaxie 500 custom. From the factory, it only has heat but I’m wondering if there are any aftermarket kits I could get to add air conditioning? I currently live in Florida so it will be an adventure not having AC this summer…

There’s a company called Vintage Air that makes exactly what you want. You can even get an oldschool-style under-dash system.

You can also get a car cooler, which looks kind of like a little jet engine that installs at the top of one of the rear passenger windows. They’re usually swamp coolers, though, which means they just pass air over a glorified damp sponge, and they’re less effective in humidity so that might not work too well for you in Florida.


A local shop that specializes in AC work installed one of the Vintage units that runs along the lower edge of the dash and looks good in a 1960s pickup. It uses a popular Sanden compressor and the owner seemed to be happy. It looked like a first class product with a first class job of installation.

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Two other aftermarket A/C companies are Classic Auto Air and Old Air Products.

None of these companies, including Vintage, has a model-specific kit for a '72 Galaxie, but all have universal systems that can be adapted.

Some of their packages are A/C only, and others are complete HVAC systems, including heat.

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While I installed an a/c on a '72 Duster, today I’d rather have a good shop do it, make sure everything is done right. I went through some startup problems, finally got a high capacity radiator and fan to handle the load in Houston.

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I think the above companies will direct you to a shop that does the sale and install.

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That’s awesome, thanks for the suggestion! Also, sorry for the delay, things are a little crazy right now.

Great, thanks! Also, sorry for the delay, things have been a little crazy and I haven’t been on in a little while.