Car Show Judging

Hello! I am new on here and just looking for some help if you got any. I help run a car show and we are looking to involve some new judges that can judge anywhere from antique to modern and customs as well. The categories are paint & body, interior, engine, and overall fit and finish.

We are having the show on March 19th in Tampa, FL. If you have any leads or know someone that would be interested in judging please shoot me an email at

Thank you

Is the Rides by the River Show?

Or the River Rides Show?

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@Mustangman is in that area somewhere and highly qualified. Prolly got friends too from the museum.

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Yes Sir River Car Show.

I guess you have contacted as many local car clubs that you can find . Seems like they would have some idea of people willing to do that .

I’d volunteer, but only if it was in Dade or Broward county.

That doesn’t clarify it… is this the mid day show or the one that starts at 3 pm in the afternoon?

It matters, I am in Lee county and some of my museum volunteer buddies are in Collier.

I’d also suggest contacting Michele Horowitz at Bay Area Insurance Shop in Clearwater. She and her husband Ron are connected with the car scene in the Tampa area. They may be able to link you up with some local car folks that would like to be judges.

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This one starts at 3:30PM and goes to 5:30PM.

The location is 3738 River International Dr, Tampa, FL, in East Tampa

A 2 hour car show ?

Thank you! Yes that’s too bad its in Hillsborough County.

Yes. Cars arrive at 2pm

EventBright has it listed as 3 to 5:30, participants arrive at 2, last entrant by 3:15.

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Yes that’s correct.

Ah, Ford Garage. Best pulled pork I’ve had in a long time. I’m afraid you were invaded by Minnesotans and South Dakotans causing the traffic headaches.

And Canadians, and New Yorkers, and New Jerseyites (??) and Indianans, and Michiganders, Illinois, Massachusetts and… and… and… everywhere it is COLD and a number of states we don’t normally see much of like Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, and California.

We have more visitors than 2019! Busiest I have seen it since we moved here in '13 and busiest since we vacationed here in 2003.

So, what you are saying is I am leaving crowded Long Island to go to crowded florida. :rofl:

That is a scheduling conflict for most of us.


Well…Yeah… depending on where you are going to end up. Orlando and vicinity is insane almost year 'round. Panhandle is loaded spring break but quieter in the winter and summer because it is cooler in the winter months. The entire east coast is pretty busy all the time but southeast is crazy loaded in the winter season as is southwest coast. Southwest gets pretty calm after Easter and ramps up towards Christmas.

The center of the state is maybe the calmest year 'round but that could be changing as people move here. Lake Placid (see what I did for the New Yorker?), Lake Wales, Lakeland (really nice town!) and of course, The Villages, so well equipped, you need never leave (or maybe they never LET you leave… opinions vary :laughing:)

Thanks for the reply. I am moving to the Port Charlotte area. I lived in New Port Richey for 2 years back in 2005. so, I kind of know what to expect. probably a little busier now. I am going to need to buy a new vehicle when I get down there. been looking online at new car ford dealers to get an idea of which are better ones to buy from. but You really cannot tell because you get good and bad reviews on all of them. and most people are probably inclined to write bad ones, versus someone that had a good experience.

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