Driver side mirror won't stay put

The driver side mirror on my '81 Civic is the old ball-mounted type that you have to open the window to adjust.

When I drive in a strong head-wind, it refuses to stay put – very annoying! Any suggestion how to deal with this?

Some sort of metal glue or put a screw through it.

I am quite disappointed in this web site. This should have been an easy question for someone to answer, yet in 5 months, no one provided the right answer.

Not long after I posted this, a friend pointed out to me that all I needed to do was remove the mirror (very easy) and tighten the set-screw. I followed his advice – in five minutes my problem was fixed!

And YOU waited 5 months to tell us what dolts we are? You should been all over us long ago!

Seriously, giving feedback when you find a solution helps all of us help the next guy. Better late than never, though.

When someone asks a question, it’s sometimes thought that he has explored the obvious answers first and found that they aren’t good options. We usually believe that nobody would have to ask if it was as simple as tightening a screw. Some of the posters don’t answer because the question is too simple and therefore your problem. Plus, you ain’t payin too well.