Flashing blue light under parked Honda CR-V

I was out for a walk, saw a parked car with a blue light flashing underneath, roughly around the front axle. It was a Honda CR-V.

They ran over a Kmart employee.


A tracking device; maybe dealer installed? I think (?) a flashing white or blue light means tracking is enabled. That’s just a guess on my part.

And people don’t believe in aliens-landing lights. I’ll let the smarter people figure it out but might be just a kid who added after-market lighting to look neat. I see Hondas with red or blue lights under the rockers.


In the 90s ir was popular to add neon lights under cars, now is being done with LEDs. Lots of Harley’s have them too.

Probably residual temporal energy from the flux capacitor.


I think it’s an aftermarket light.

If it was a single LED flashing I still tend to think a car tracker. Many dealers use those now; especially the BHPH car lots. They have the ability to track the car at all times and in the event of a missed payment can disable the car to prevent it starting or flat shut if off from their keyboard in the office.

Another possibility is that there are fake security modules being sold. The blinking light gives the impression the car has a security system and may encourage a thief to keep on moving to an easier target. That again, is assuming a single flashing LED.

And, the person who owns that car will likely post a question in this forum w/in a few months, asking why his battery keeps going dead.



I wonder if the person who owns the CR-V may have put a large lift kit and really tall tires on it and then ran over a police car. He then lowered the CR-V, took off the tires, but the blue light if the police car got stuck on the undercarriage.