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2019 Honda CR-V - Blinking light

how do i get rid of the blinking red light on the dashboard on my 2019 crv

What light is blinking?
What does your owners manual tell you the light is warning you about?

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Take a picture of the light that is on and ask your dealer what the issue in need of some attention is. Feel free to post it here too for us to have a go at helping you. Or, look in the manual and see what it indicates.

Sounds like it might be the ‘alarm armed’ light. Does it only blink when the car is off?

I find it very hard to believe that the OP’s issue would not be addressed in the Owner’s Manual.


I don’t. If it’s the “security” light as I suspect it’s not mentioned at all in the owner’s manual for my wife’s Tucson. Honda is probably no different.