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2004 Honda CR-V - flashing lights run down battery

Battery flat - when charged up again, the car’s emergency flashers came on and could not be switched off. Ditto for a red flashing light on the dash, on the left hand side of the taco - not mentioned in the User Handbook. We have never had any trouble like this with the car before . . .

Hypothetically the hazard flashers should quit flashing after the battery reaches full charge. How long have they been flashing and is the battery done charging?

Your aftermarket alarm system has activated after restoring battery power. Press “unlock” on the remote if you have one. If you don’t have the alarm remote, look for an over-ride button under the dash. Hold the over-ride button with the ignition on until the security alert stops.



That’s because it is an aftermarket security system, not a genuine Honda security system.

I am going to guess that you are not the first owner of this 17 year old car. Am I correct?
If so, you might want to see if there is a manual in the glovebox for the aftermarket security system.
If not, look for the name and model number of the alarm unit under the hood, and then try to obtain a manual from the mfr.

There’s a way to reset the alarm system, At least if this is the factory alarm.Dad’s 2007 CR-V had a similar flashing light but it never ran down the battery,
How do you reset the anti theft system on a Honda CRV?

To reset the anti - theft alarm system on your honda crv , turn the key in the driver’s door to unlock it, then turn it to the locked position and then once again to open position. the light should disable itself.

The OP already stated that there is nothing in his manual, so I think we have to conclude that this is an aftermarket system.

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There is an Immobilizer, page 55 in the manual which has the light to the left of the tachometer and above the Temp gauge, will flash if it doesn’t recognize the key. Check engine light is right below it.