Toyota flashing blue light

I have a toyota corolla 2010 with a flashing blue light underneath the steering wheel which has been consistently flashing for the better part of a year. I can’t find anything about this online. Help?

I am going to guess that you bough this car as a used vehicle.
Am I correct?

The reason for my suspicion is that I believe you have some type of aftermarket security system. Car manufacturers do not place warning lights underneath the steering wheel, but somebody who installs aftermarket security systems certainly might.

What might that light indicate?
Possibly, it is trying to tell you that the system is not, “armed”.

Also, car mfrs only use blue warning lights for high beam headlights and (in some cases), low engine temperature. However, those lights would be in the normal position for warning lights–w/in the instrument cluster.

What can you tell us about the history of this car?
And…instead of hunting for info online…Why don’t you read the Owner’s Manual, which does explain the controls, gauges, and warning lights. If there is no mention of this light in the Owner’s Manual, that will confirm that this is some sort of aftermarket device.

Here’s a link to the Toyota owners manual website for your car:

Quite the link! Hope it works.