What is this box for?

Can anyone tell me what this device is and what it does. It blinks a green light constantly. There is a small oval shaped button on its face, but pressing it does not seem to produce a change in the blinking.

Could you make this quiz any easier? Maybe find a logo on the device? Tell us how many wires on it?

It looks like it might be a trailer controller but not ljke any I have ever seen. A year on the box OR the truck’s year might help.

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Given that you’re posting this now, I’m guessing you recently bought the vehicle? Did you buy it from a used lot that gave you financing?

Could well be a tracker, so they can come repossess the car if you miss a payment.

Just where is that thing located ? As Mustang said are there any markings or numbers on that thing ?

Looks like an old add-on immobilizer.

My guess is the same as Nevada’s, some sort of security device to prevent a thief from starting the engine. My Corolla came new w/something like that mounted in that same area. But more hidden than that. To prevent thefts from the dealership parking lot. The dealership disabled it when they sold me the car, but didn’t mention anything about it. About 3 years later I accidentally bumped my knee into that gadget, it cracked, and then the car wouldn’t crank. I had to remove it completely to get the Corolla cranking and starting again.

Thanks so much for your reply, Mustangman.
There are no logos on the plastic casing. There is a small wiring harness on the back with three wires attached.

I purchased the truck new in 2020. It is a Denali and came with a factory installed trailer controller.

Then I, too, say it is a security device. I’d take it to the dealer and tell them to remove it.

I bought the truck new but can’t say for certain when I first started noticing the blinking light.

It is still under warranty I would think so ask the dealer what that thing is.

Thanks Volvo. There are no markings or numbers on the plastic casing. It is screwed to the bottom of the driver’s side dash; between the foot rest and the brake pedal.

Thank you. I will do that.

Please let us know what it is.

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The security device should be listed on your invoice as “Additional Dealer Package”.

I will. Thanks for your help.