How to fix side view mirror Mercuray Sable


Last year my side view mirror broke after I have it to a friend who ran into a moose.

The glass part is broken and gone but the underlying mechanism still works (the two nubs turn but there is nothing to attached the mirror to- this must have broken off as well).

If you open the door and look in front of the window, you’ll see a trianglure piece of decorative plastic. This pops off and exposes the hardware and electrical connections to the side mirror. Now all you have to do is go to your local auto recycler and get a used replacement mirror assembly. And if you’re lucky, it’ll be the same color.


Thank you for you answer! I am not sure I understand: so all the stuff that goes inside the mirror (i.e. the whole assembly excluding the outer metal) should be replaced? I was hoping I could just buy the frame that the mirror is mounted on, and the mirror itself.
A picture speaks a thousand words:


You should be able to snap in a new mirror–it attaches to what your picture shows. You may need to buy the whole assembly, however. Get a used one at a recycler and pop out the mirror from it. It shouldn’t be very expensive to get the whole used assmebly–maybe $40 or so. maybe you get just the mirror; try.

Call your local glass shop. Perhaps they can install a new mirror (glass only). It saves money if you don’t need the whole mirror.

If you have to replace everything look for a similar car in a junk yard and remove the mirror assembly. This will cost much less than a new one at a dealer.