Passenger Outside Mirror Hanging by A Wire


My passenger outside mirror has been cracked off. The break is clean with no missing plastic. What can I use to bond the mirror back in place? Thanks.


You cannot. Nothing will hold. Replace it.


as mentioned in another post, duct tape and super glue… but this probably wont hold after the first bump/cold weather.

what car? what year? info, info.

you can go to a local junk yard, parts recycler. you can buy a used one for about 50 to 75 bucks.

OR, you can go to a recycle yard, with tools and get one off yourself and negotiate a lower price (My tactic usually!) by removing the old one you learn how to both remove and reinstall the “new” one.

OR go to the dealer and pay 3 to 4 times as much for a new one.


New mirrors and used ones are very expensive. I would try a glue like Automotive Goop or epoxy and hold it together with tape until it sets in about 24 to 48 hours. The setting time is very important. Its easy to take off the mirror to work on it or replace it. This is true for most cars hat I’ve worked on. Inside the door is a cover held on maybe with a phillips screw or just clips. Pop it off with a flat screwdriver and there should be 2 or 3 screws holding the mirror on. Also there is a plug for the wire there. Usually squeezing and/or pulling is the way to separte or unplug it. Then just pull it off the door (if it doesn’t fall on the ground first). If its stuck to the rubber gasket, pull harder. If gluing doesn’t work, at least you’ll have gained some knowledge. Good luck.


Actually, I bought a replacement power mirror for my daughter’s Civic last year from the VIP crash parts catalog (it needed to be ordered) for (if memory serves) about $77.


Thanks. I am going to try a product called J-B Weld my mechanic recommended.


Yup, and that’ll hold it until someone comes up and bumps it with their shoulder, or a larger-than-average bird lands on it. :frowning: []