Finding the wiring for a ck1500 wiper lever

I have a 94 silverado ck1500 v6 4.3, my son broke off my wiper/turn signal lever. How can I find the wiring for the wiper, so I can install a toggle switch?

Save yourself a lot of headaches, and install a new multifunction switch. Most parts stores now sell these.


It could take four or five toggle switches to do all the functions and two hands to operate them at the right time.

I understand, I only need the wiper to work, one speed is great. I rarely use this truck, but it always rain when I do… Thank up.

If your truck has the same wiper set-up as my 1978 Oldsmobile, the hot line from the fuse panel goes directly to the wiper motor. The switch completes the circuit to the ground. You can find this out by probing the connection at the wiper motor with a test light or voltmeter, with the connector pulled off the wiper motor. With the switch off, hook your test light to a known ground. Probe the connector until you find the hot line. Test the other lines to make certain that these lines aren’t hot. Put the connector back on the wiper motor and run a line from a ground to the other connections. One of these connections will turn on the wipers if the set-up is as I described. You can put a 15 ampere toggle switch from this line to the ground and it will give you one wiper speed. This must have a set-up where the original switch completes the circuit to the ground.

Tester’s suggestion is really a lot better. However, if this is a rarely used truck you may be able to get by with one wiper speed.