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Replacing the wiper switch on a Ford Econoline E250?

I’ve had a Ford E250 for a while now that’s had a fairly annoying issue, at least when it’s raining.

The wiper switch/turn signal armature to the left of the steering wheel has a short in it somewhere (or a loose connection) and when I try to run the windshield wipers, they some times go and sometimes don’t. I frequently need to jiggle or rotate the end of the control switch to get the wipers going again.

I can get a replacement switch at a decent price, but having never replaced one of these before, I have no idea how complex a job it may or may not be. To those of you that have worked with replacing switches like this, how big of an ordeal is it? Do I have to pull the steering wheel or anything major, or is pretty straightforward?


Don’t sweat it


Now that we’ve got that out of the way . . .

Remove the upper and lower steering column trim. There’s 2 or 3 screws connecting the two halves.

Once you have those pieces off, you’ll see that the switch is attached to the column with 2 screws

Don’t worry about the airbag. As long as the ignition is off, and you don’t do anything stupid, like purposefully banging on the airbag, you’ll be fine.

Thanks! I was hoping it wouldn’t be too bad.


No problem

Please let us know when you’re done

You just need to peel the covers off the column, then unscrew the switch and remove the wire connectors. The whole job takes 15 minutes.