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2006 Dodge 1500 SLT windshield wipers malfunction

I have had lots of work done trying to fix this dangerous problem of the wipers malfunctioning or not working at all. No one can figure out why the wipers work perfectly whenever I get to the shop…but sometimes quit or won’t start or work at the wrong speed when I need them, in the rain. I have had the multifunction switch replaced, the error codes shown nothing wrong…they want to replace the body control module for $1000, plus programming etc… but won’t gaurantee it will help.
I am thinking of having an “override switch” installed that goes directly to the wiper motor, so I can turn them on whenever they quit functioning normally. I am worried that unless the existing wiring that goes to the control module…is unattached, when the over ride switch is used…that it could send a stray voltage back to the module and disrupt or damage it… What do you think about this? Maybe I should trade the truck off…but it only has 50K miles and runs beautifully and rides even better, plus I really like it. HELP!

Have you tried replacing the windshield wiper relay? It’s inexpensive and simple to change. I had the same problem on my 2002 Dodge Dakota pickup. I would not install an override switch as it could cause far more problems than it could remedy. A bad wiper motor can also cause the same problems that you are having.

Do they use a relay switch on the 2006 truck wiper motor? The shop mechanic talked like the wiper motor was entirely controlled by the Body module…I wonder where it is located, if used? The motor, itself, seems to be under the hood against the firewall …covered and hidden with a couple of fiber paded blankets… pinned by inserted clips…to the firewall.

Yes…a wiper relay is used in almost all vehicles. A body module would not be able to control the 12VDC needed to operate a wiper motor. It’s usually in a relay box under the hood. Here’s a pic:

I will give it a look. It would sure be easier to replace than the body control module. If I can locate it …I will replace it, just to eliminate one more possibility…Thanks!