Used Toyota Parts

I have a Toyota Corolla 1992 with about 200K. I need to replace some parts but I do not want to buy them with the dealer because they are very expensive and some parts are no longer available. Can someone suggest a car junk yard where I can go and find the needed parts? I need things like tire covers, the power window switch cover (passenger side), a mirror, mud guards, etc. I live in Baltimore county but I do not know if there are car junk yards in Baltimore. Thanks.

Get out your phone book. Look up “Auto Parts, Used.” Start calling around until you find a “U-pull it” yard with some older Toyotas you can pull parts from…Today, many salvage yards no longer keep anything older than 10 or 12 years…You can also Google “Used Toyota Parts” for a nation-wide search at many on-line yards…Expect to pay 1/2 of new list price plus shipping…

There are salvage yards everywhere. Go to or the regular yellow pages in your phone book.