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Finding info for older vehicles

How do I find repairs manual like Haynes for 1973 Dodge Midas and how do I get blue book values for cars older than 15 years.

Try an e-Bay search. Most cars older than 15 years have little or no value…For “Classic” cars, try a source like Hemmings…

There are no blue book values on vehicles that are that old. Manuals should be available, check online stores like Summit Racing (guys, I swear I don’t work there, they are just walking distance from my house). You might notice a lot of aftermarket on older vehicles and try buying manuals for Mopar Motors, Holly Carbs, et cetera et cetera.

This is a motor home, right? Are you wanting a repair manual for the truck chassis or the motorhome part?

To value, look at for rec vehicles values tab, then motor home, Midas. This goes back to 1975, which may be as close as you can get.