How do I find out the value of an old car?


I was given an 1977 volvo and am trying to find some sort of value to know what to list it at to sell it. Everywhere I’ve look only go as far back as 1981. Any suggestions?



Blue book doesn’t go back that far.


Not much more after that.


There are a couple of guides that offer that service, but I don’t think they are available on line. One is the Old CArs Price Guide. The other is Cars of Particular Interest, or CPI. They are available by subscription, and may be available at your local library, or large chain bookstore.

NADA offers classic car pricing on line here: If the link fails, go to and click on classic cars near the top.

Another way to check is to go to ebay and click on completed auctions for the car you are looking to price. Let the market establish what it’s worth.


Well, for one, at this point a 1977 Volvo’s value is probably similar to a 1981 Volvo, so that could be a baseline if the model and everything is the same.

Otherwise, I’d just go see what they’re going for on Ebay and other similar sites. The Volvo is kind of tricky in that they don’t really have a mainstream classic car following like American cars, but they do have something of a cult following some places. I’d bet if you google for it, there’s some sort of classic Volvo forum out there.


Oh, one other thing, if this car happens to be a diesel it will be worth significantly more. Especially if you live on one of the coasts, due to the popularity of fry-oil conversions.


Five hundred if it runs great.


I don’t think you’re going to find anything that amounts to much on a 30 year old Volvo.
If it’s clean, runs/drives well, and dependent on mileage, maybe 1500 dollars; and that’s a big maybe.

It’s all going to depend on just how bad a specific buyer wants it on a certain day.

Well the value of 1977's cars is all over the place.  At that age each one is an individual.  Each one needs to be evaluated on its own. 

There is no real established market for them so each sale is unique.


Really its what a buyer is willing to pay and what your willing to sell for.

A 30 year old relic is going to take a special buyer.


Really its what a buyer is willing to pay and what your willing to sell for.

Back in my freshman Economics 101 course, the professor opened the class with: “If you want to sell your 1964 Mustang convertible with X miles and in good condition, how much is is worth?”

After much discussion for about 10 minutes over various prices and reasons for them, the answer he was looking for was: “Whatever a buyer is willing to pay for it!”

I never forgot that lesson.


I would find some volvo forums and ask them, check ebay and find some local volvo shops and car lots and see what they think. Obviously, the book values are worthless for anything except late model generic-mobils, so don’t bother with them.

The value will be entirely dependent on the condition, the desirability of the particular model/year, and finding the right buyer.