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Finding fuel filter


Help. I need to change the fuel filter onj my Mom’s 1983 Mercury Grand Marquis. I’ve been told that it is between the fuel tank and front wheel, along the frame rail, driver’s side. I searched and searched. Can’t find it. Can you please provide me with more specific information as to the location, and also, is it under a cover, etc? Thanks! Don

Dont know on yours, but if it’s the same as my 95 Taurus, you’ll find it in one of the rear wheel wells. Held in place by a screw clamp.

NOT ENOUGH INFO, but the frame in-line would be r.h. side just in front of the rear wheel on an efi set-up. On a cfi look for a black plastic cup along the frame, the filter is inside, canister type. no efi/cfi, look in the engine area like the old days.

If it’s a carburated engine, the fuel filter is here


Ken, thanks for the reply. What other information would be helpful? When I get back over to my Mom’s I’ll look for a black pleastic cup along the frame. It has a carb, so I guess it’s cfi? And the filter should be on the passenger side? I guess the first thing I will do is clean all of the dirt, grease and oil from the frame. Mom had overfilled the oil by one quart and the transmission by 3 quarts (she checked the trans. fluid level with the engine off) and it looks like it blew fluid all under the car and dirt accumulated on top of that. I drained the proper amounts of fluid. Pretty hard to make anything out with all that oil, etc. Thanks again.

If you are going to be working much on the '83, you might check into for support.