Trying to find the fuel filter on an old mercedes

OK. Trying to replace the fuel filter on our 1971 250c. It’s an automatic staight six dual carb. Can’t find anything in the haynes manuel. Can’t find anything online that specifically deals with a MB this old. Everything I have read generally says it should be somewhere around the rear passanger side wheel. Can’t find anything. They say there is a cover some where and I can’t find one. I figured if anything could help me with a screwball detail like this, it was this forum. Thank you!

P.S. Please please be as specific as possible! What I know about car mechanics can fit on a post card! Thanks again!

I bet if you find an MB forum somebody will have the answer.

The other German cars I worked on of that era had a removable plate, under the back seat. You had to remove the seat to get at it. Under that plate was the top of the fuel tank and connections for both the fuel and gauges.

No guarantee, but it’s worth a shot. The seat should be easy to remove. A couple screws, up and out.

I used to have one of these, same year. If I remember correctly there is a fuel screen near the fuel pump. I also had an inline fuel filter right before the carbs. The dual carburetors are temperamental. Very reliable otherwise. If you are having a stalling problem do check these two filters first. You never know what is lurking at the bottom of your tank. I may be of some help if you have other problems.

Have you found the fuel pump?