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Fuel filter

Does any one know where to find the fuel filter on a 2003 Subaru Impreza?

The Subaru Dealer Should Have One For You. I Don’t Know An Impreza From A Whirlpool Washer, But Is This Subaru Impreza A Turbo Model Or Naturally Aspirated (Non-Turbo) Model ?

Seriously, is that it I see by the shock tower on the driver’s side of the engine room ? Once you have a new filter in hand, you should be able to look around and find a piece of car that looks similar. It’s going to have a fuel line going in and one coming out of it.

Also, most good Owner’s Manuals have a photo or two of the engine bay with circles and arrows to point out the important stuff.


Lefthand side of engine, chrome thing with two rubber tubes going in/out near washer fluid.

The other is in the fuel tank.

Left rear of engine compartment. Round looking thing with some crooked tubes coming out the top.

I am the technical manager at Fram filters. It is on the drivers side shock tower right next to the brake master cylinder

Hi, I Knew That (See Above - March 6) And I’m Not A Technical Manager. I’ve Never Even Seen A Subaru Impreza, That I’m Aware Of.