Figuring out the options on a used vehicle

Hello, I am looking at purchasing a used 2006 Ford Fusion as a replacement for a Ford Taurus that is on it’s last legs. However, I see than anti-lock brakes were just an option on the 2006 Fusions. Is there any way of quickly finding out whether or not a specific car (using the VIN) was equipped with anti-lock brakes? I know that mechanics at Ford Dealerships have a round-about way of doing it (via part numbers or something?), but for the average person just looking to buy a car, is there a definitive way to find out?

Much more extensive hardware around the brake master cylinder and then there is that pesky ASB symbol on the cluster (the letters ABS are illuminated with the key on engine off).

GM used a RPO (Regular Production Code)list and ABS was a in the J-section (JM4) for example. So check FORD’s system, but not with VIN as far as I know.

Here at this Ford dealer , I can run the vin for you. The last eight digits will do.

So can your local Ford dealer. On one of our software “proquest” you can get a printout of all the features possible for that car and it will show you the ones it has AND the ones it doesn’t have. Some people call it a ‘line sheet’.

In fact, you should get this line sheet printout and keep it in your car with the owner’s manual and other papers. It will be needed in the future to answer all kinds of questions.