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1996 Mercury Grand Marquis - Anti-lock or no?

How do i know if i have the anti lock brakes im buying rotors

I really do not know.
Having said that, I looked at rotors on line, appears they all use the same rotors. But DO NOT take my word for it.

You’ve had the vehicle a quarter century and have never felt the ABS come on? That would be one clue.

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Turn the ignition switch on.

If the vehicle has ABS, the ABS warning light will illuminate on the dash.



Yeah, I saw that too. OP, who is telling you that the rotor choice depends on whether or not you have ABS?

Another possible clue: cars of that vintage often had “ABS” embossed on the rubber brake pedal pad. You could also get a definitive answer by looking for wires for the ABS sensors or for the presence of an ABS hydraulic control unit near the master cylinder. image

Open the hood… Its that huge square thing that you look over when you drive the vehicle the release lever is in the drivers kick area. Underneath this “hood” you will see the engine… You will also see your brake master cylinder…follow the lines coming out of the master…and see if they enter an ABS brake unit (reference the picture @NYBo posted above)…its about the size of a squirrel and not difficult to spot.