Used Ford Fusion Hybrid Features

Hello all,

I just purchased a used 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE for, what I think, is a steal. I say that because while driving home I found that the car had many many more features in place than the dealership knew about. I started going through the manual hoping that it would tell me precisely what features my vehicle had but, it didn’t.

My question is, how do I determine what features I have? I have no way of contact the original owners and I knew more about the car than the salesperson/dealership.

Help!! I want to use it right and enjoy everything my Fusion has to offer!

A Ford dealer might be able to get that info with the VIN number. I"d start with the parts department.

Look under the back seat and seat back. If you can find the “build sheet” it will list everything.

Your auto insurer can also provide that information. They ask for the VIN when you insure the car so that they can determine exactly what they are insuring, including all the options, in the unlikely event that the car needs to be replaced due to an accident. Looking for the build sheet might be the quickest way to go, then decode the VIN if you don’t find the build sheet.

Open this link, and put your vin number at the end. You will get the original window sticker in pdf form.

The owners manual has ALL the options listed…Go through the manual and see what is there and what is not…

My mom owned a '12, and while it’s all in the owner’s manualS, there is one for the car itself and a totally separate one for the infotainment system (which is fatter than the actual OM.)

Nice car, I always thought.

Suggest to be cautious about who you provide your VIN number to. Make sure they are who they say they are.

You can get all the ideas from car manual or you can read here

But the Fusion in question is 3 model years older than the one in your link, @johnfiore. The features might be the same, or Ford may have changed things in 3 model years.

George, what is the risk of disclosing your VIN? Any time your car is parked in a public place anyone can lean over the windshield and write it down. I do not understand this.