1999 Chrysler Town & Country turn signal problem

The left turn signal on 1999 Chrysler Town & Country has started flashing faster than the right. I assumed that the problem was the bulb, so replaced it - without first checking the old one - but it made no difference. Then I checked and the old one was fine - duh! There are two filaments in the bulb and only one comes on. Its the same whether the turn signal switch is used, or the emergency switch is used, except that the lights flash at the proper speed when the emergency switch is on. I’ve checked the fuses, so now suspect the flasher. But I don’t know where to find it or how to check it.

Any ideas most appreciated. Thanks!

There are bulbs in the front and back of the car, sometimes more than one. This condition normally does point to a blown bulb, so walk around the van with the turn signal on and find out which one it is. There are other possibilities as well, but we can get into that once a blown bulb is ruled out firmly.

My Toyo does this and it’s never the bulb. It senses a high resistance and thinks the bulb is out. For me it is the front turn signal lights. I remove the bulb and polish the buttons on the end of the bulb by rubbing them back and forth across my pant leg. Reinstall the bulb and it works for another 2 years.

WHen I had the very same symptoms on my 95 Taurus, a quick look at the FACTORY wiring diagram told me that the one & only difference between my working E-flashers & rapid firing left turn signal was the circuitry in the multifunction/turn signal switch. Replaced the switch & problem solved.

If your Caravan is the same as my Taurus it will also use a single electronic flasher for both turn & E-flashers.

In addition to the other suggestions, I would replace both (left and right) combo lights. That is any bulb have two filaments maybe on for the brakes and one for turn signals or standard parking light. Remember replace both.

Thanks for the suggestions, and sorry it took so long to reply. I think the notification disappeared.

The problem was actually the housing for the bulb. I tried a new bulb, but didn’t check the old one first (which would have shown that it was fine). I wasn’t about to try a new controller on the offchance. Although that was my suspicion I didn’t think I’d be able to return it, and in any case I couldn’t see why one side would work and not the other. So I had the mechanic look at it as part of a regular service. The housing was the issue.