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Fast sound, No blink on 1 side

1996 Mazda protege.
Left turn signal produces and audible fast clicking when switched on but no bulbs illuminate.
No dash, front or rear bulb indicators light up.
Right side works fine, good speed and illumination.
Hazards light on right side only. Steady speed.
Checked front and rear bulbs even replaced them.
Fuse is good.
Still nothing.
Thanks in advance.

From what you stated about the problem it sounds like the left side has a break in the wiring to that side of the lights. Hopefully the problem is just within the flasher unit. You could try replacing it if that isn’t real costly to do. The trouble could also be within a joint connection box that is tied into the circuit after the flasher unit. The data I see shows the left side wire color is grn/blk and the right side is grn/wht. To verify that the trouble is within the flasher unit use a test light probe and check the power on the grn/blk wire when the turn signal is on. You should see the light flash there if the unit is okay and if so then the joint box would be the next place to look for the trouble. I don’t know where that box is at but suspect it will be somewhere under the dash near the driver side. Besides getting a test light probe you would be wise in getting a factory service manual for the wiring of the car. Ebay is good place to get them.

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Thanks. I picked up the service manual by Haynes. Went over the wiring schematic as you suggested. Rockauto has the replacement unit for about $60. Just seems like a wierd way to fail, on only 1 side but I can see it on the schematic. 1 failed contact could knock out 1 side.

Replace the bulb that isn’t working first. That might be your only problem.

Before you purchase the flasher unit you should check the flasher output using a test light probe. If you get no light at the output side then you need to replace the flasher. Test probes are cheap and very handy to have on hand to help find troubles like this.

Sounds like you have a short to ground on the left side. Remove each left side bulb ans disconnect each socket to see if the short goes away. The problem/short could also be in the turn signal switch.

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After reviewing the wiring schematic “all roads led to Rome”. The hazard/flasher relay module had a failed set of internal contacts. $15 (ebay) replacement fixed the problem…

Thank for the replies.

You’re welcome for the help. Thanks for the update and feedback.