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Fabric in the inner roof interior wearing out

I noticed that the fabric in the interior lining of my 99 corolla on the roof is developing small holes…almost the same as some foam padding in an oldsofa wears out…I have never scratched or tugged anything. I see the foam getting exposed…any quick fix ?

or shouldI replace the whole thing ?

Also, what do you do to keep the damage from heat off your vehicles interior ? My car interior door piping/linings are taking a beating.

Replace the roof lining. That is the only option worth pursuing.

The only way I know to keep the sun from damaging the door linings is to tint the windows. Even a minimal tint, like 20% or 35% will still filter 99% of the UV rays that do the damage. If it was the dashboard, a simple $10 folding cardboard screen across the windshield would work there.