2015 Nissan Murano - sun shade upholstery

The fabric that covers the interior retractable shade under the sunroof has started coming loose at edges. Now the fabric is sagging and the shade cannot retract. Dealers says a new shade is required and will cost $1500. Vehicle has 46,000 miles and this sunroof is rarely used.

Dealers don’t perform upholstery repairs, they replace parts.

Find a vehicle upholstery shop to repair the sun shade.


Good advice above. Maybe if you posted a photo you might get some diy’er ideas. I used a bevy of straight pins (like that come with a new shirt) to “repair” my Corolla’s drooping fabric roof headliner.

You can try using something like this to fix it.

LOCTITE® MR 5426 is a high-strength, high temperature spray adhesive designed for bonding foam, carpet, fabrics, plastics, rubber, etc. This is due to the high strength and temperature resistance of the product. Water resistant. Resistant to extreme weather conditions.

A few years back at Walmart I found what they call twist pins [ they look like a straight pin twisted in to a cork screw shape ] that worked good for me.

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