F100 EV truck

Ford produced an F100 EV concept truck to highlight their new electric crate motor. Ford wants to sell us an Eluminator with 281 HP and 307 lb-ft torque. At 205 lbs, it could find application in smaller vehicles too. You have to add a tracton inverter, controller and batteries of course. Anyone interested?

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It’s pretty cool, but I wonder what the cost would be? I saw the electric crate motor is $3900 (which is great), but I don’t know enough about an EV to have any idea what else is needed to get it at least functional.

The hp and torque is kind of underwhelming for a motor swap. But the concept is cool. Lots of money and one off engineering in that thing, I think, with the cool gauges, seats, etc.

Cool truck, would be cooler with a 7.3L Godzilla swap instead.

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Selling the motor is just a part of the puzzle, need to spec out and acquire a (large) battery, all the electronics to make them work, and a charging system. A lot more complicated that dropping in a crate V8.


Yes, it it’s a sales tool for Ford’s crate electric motor, and propaganda to help them cultivate a green image. As great as that big ole Ford V8 is, it won’t help in this marketing scheme.