1,000 horsepower, 0-60 mph / 3 seconds, SUV, EV!

According to USA TODAY, today (article by Mark Phelan Detroit Free Press), next year, in 2021, GMC is to begin manufacturing the new 1,000 hp. Hummer SUV. It is an EV (electric drivetrain vehicle).

Not much information is being released, but claims of 11,500 pound-feet of torque and 0 to 60 mph acceleration in 3 seconds are being made. Also, I notice discussion of an EV pick-up truck.

I see no mention of range per charge or selling price, yet.

What do you say?
Is there going to be demand?
Will this vehicle be successful?
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Will it be as “successful” as their earlier Hummer?

Actually, I saw an article that indicated that the author (and automotive columnist), who wrote the USA Today piece, thought it was a bad idea to use the Hummer name with its negative connotations (among some/many) and that EV is not the way to go for an off-road vehicle (based on its high price and difficulty of repairs). So, if that’s paraphrased properly, he feels that it has a couple of strikes against it from the start.

You could be onto something!
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Arnold Schwarzenegger beat them to it.

Given the way Phelan’s name and that the FREEP are scorn, I suspect that the article first appeared in the FREEP.

The GMC electric Hummer may be a halo truck meant to get attention but not to make money. Think of it as a rolling advertisement for GMs new electric vehicles.

1000 hp electric motors. Let’s see , probably can drain the battery in about 25 miles .


Lincoln is partnering with Rivian, likely for an EV truck:

It could do that if its battery held about1000 times as much energy as an ordinary 12 v car battery. I suppose that’s possible.

A nice thing about electric motors is their efficiency stays relatively high at low loads compared to ICE.
So if it’s driven in a non-maniacal way the range won’t be abysmal.
OTOH the 1000 hp motor(s) will be heavier, reducing range a bit that way.

I would strongly suspect that 1000HP is a peak-power… but then it is unlikely they have to plan on holding on this peak for longer than 25 miles :slight_smile:

GM plans to reveal the truck May 20th from what I can find in other reports. So they’re just teasing us with these numbers for now.

I won’t get a minutes rest until I see that great new 1,000 horsepower SUV for myself.


Raise up CAFE numbers, too.