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Electric Conversion Kits

I want to convert my own electric vehicle (EV) from a standard gasoline car. Right now I’m looking into a 1996 ford escort with a manual trans., because I’ve heard they are a good car for the project, and that there are good kits for the project. I need a vehicle specific DC kit, as I am not at all mechanically inclined, but I know how to turn bolts and plug in wires. There are plenty of sites online that rave about kits, but I’ve yet to find one that actually sells one.

Where can I get an easy to install Ford Escort conversion kit?

I’d be surprised if an ‘easy to install’ kit existed. There’s very little market for these, it’s not like a company can afford to develop specific kits for specific cars. If the EV sites are no help, I’d take that as a sure sign there’s nothing ‘easy’ about it.

Ask a very similar question on an EV forum, one that I have been on a few times that covers all types of EVs from bicycles to cars was: Visforvoltage

it has been a long time, I cant remember whether it is .org or what, but google that and it should come up, those are the guys to talk to.

What are your goals for this? As a hobby/project? Or do you want a usable/practical day to day car? If it’s the latter, and you have little mechanical experience, you’re in for a difficult time. This is a major project, so do your research, it could cost a lot of money and time.

There was a good article in Home Power Magazine a few months ago about someone who converted a Toyota Echo to a full electric. It was a major effort requiring advanced mechanical and electrical skills. $20,000 later, the guy had a 60 mph top speed car with a 50 mile range that had no heater or defroster. If he needed to use lights and wipers, range dropped to 40 miles…Use the search feature of this board to find several threads about electric cars…

If it was cheap and easy to build a good electric car, the dealer’s showrooms would already be full of them.
“Big oil” would no more be able to stop them from taking over than “Big Coal” was able to keep us using steam engines, or “Big Hay and Farriers” was able to keep us riding horses.