F-250 instruments


while at a stop light today I pushed the tow button on my truck and then lost all my instruments. Truck still runs but I have no instrumentation. I checked fuses that relate to intrument cluster but all were good. Any idea what could have gone wrong?


What do you mean you pushed the “TOW” button?


tow/haul button located on shifter knob to disengage overdrive.


What year is your truck?


2004 F-250 superduty crew cab 5.4L


I looked at the wiring diagrams for your truck and it looks like the instrument cluster and the OD cancel switch get power from fuse #45.


Thank you very much! 45 was the blown fuse. According to my “owners manual” it says #45 controls ignition switch run/start feed. Nothing is mentioned about overdrive in the fuse section.

Truck is back in service but I am still concernrned why it popped the fuse.

Thanks again, Mike


From my experience the OD switch shorts out. I would contact a local wrecking yard and inquire about a used shift handle, or contact your local ford dealer for a new OD cancel switch. Glad to know everything is working.


This is the 1st time it has happened so I will wait & see if it happens again then take it in under warranty.