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Extraction of alternator in 2003 Sonata 2.4l, 4 cyclinder

I have the alternator free from all connections, but it is larger than any available space to extract it from engine area. None of resources I have used indicate what else I need to remove to get it out. Please help! Stuck at home.

Remove the plastic engine cover.

Remove the power steering line mount.

Remove the cruise control unit mounting bolts and lift out of the way.

Unplug the blue connector on VAC solenoid at the manifold.

Lift the alternator out by the pulley.


Thank you for your advice. I take it you mean to extract from the top rather than than from underneath. I had come across some info that recommended taking it out from the underside, but the only way I thought that was possible would probably to remove the cv joint, and that seems a little drastic based on my previous experience replacing one. I had checked a number of repair books like Chilton’s but nothing came up specific for my 2.4l. Been pulling out what remaining hair I have. Thanks again, Ed

You really need the factory service manual or Alldata to give you that kind of detail. On my Olds Aurora it has to come out the bottom but the radiator has to be removed first. Tester is usually spot on.

Tester is probably right – he usually is. Barring that, it is difficult to get the alternator out of a lot of vehicles if the car is on wheel ramps. Often, jacking one wheel (typically the passenger side front) up enough to get the wheel off the ramp will cause the axle to drop enough so the alternator can be removed/inserted.