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Attn: Tester Alternator extraction 2003 Sonata

Thanks again Tester. With you help I was finally able to extract alternator form 2003 Sonata. Hyundai service told me to remove it from underneath…wrong!!! Had alternator tested, it passed. Battery tested, it passed and terminals clean. Belts ok. Looks like after all the work, I may have to take it in “dealer” to check the wiring. Wife just mentioned that radio comes on sometimes all by itself.

Glad to help out.


Why didn’t you have it tested on the car? Seems like alot of work to have an alternator tested. Did I miss something from another thread?

I thought I can excluded everything other than the alternator, apparently made bad decision to take it out. Also not thinking clearly at the time, didn’t bother to find out if alternator could be checked at auto parts store when still in car. Learned a life lesson…you know…look before you leap!

Yep, we all learn as we go. Some faster than others. We have some real smart folks here, and they all have been learning their entire lives. Good for you.

Follow up: Just before doing electrical diagnosis, came up with some data that even if alternator passes tests, it still may have a bad diode…replaced it, light gone. Thanks again, tester. Took me two days to get the alternator out, with your help, took it out again and reinstalled in 1 1/2 hours. Ed

It’s Not Always The Time Or Money.
The “I Fixed It Myself!” Feeling Is Priceless!

That’s the only way to get those “life lessons”, too, the hard way.