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Simple(?) ALTERNATOR removal?

The ALTERNATOR (on the side of the engine) on a 2002 Mercury Cougar V6 has a clearance problem during removal attempt. The two long lower mount bolts are removed. The upper mount nut is removed. The alternator won’t clear the upper mount bolt / stud (firewall is in the way) which projects to the 10 o’clock direction. Anyone done it and have idea of how-to remove?

One Site Says To remove the wheel/tire and tie-rod And Go Out The Bottom. Does That Make Sense?

Some of the more complicated alternator removals require you to lower the sub-frame.I have never done the Mercury but it is this way with the GM Venture,Montana,line

In the Monte Carlo (98 or so) with the overhead cam engine (3.4) you had to move the passenger side lower control arm out of the way to get the alternator out.

Is A 2002 The Same Configuration As A 99? Read This Nightmare:

Good Luck!

that article was interesting,wrong,but good drama from a bad tech.

to the OP out the bottom(well actually the side),just slide the axle to the side,job pays well and only takes 1.3hrs (max) thats with a lift,and 2 smokes.

and yes its a FOORD design.

good luck.

Don’t blame Ford.

All the assembly lines are run by the unions and throw in these sub-assemblies, from dash boards to engine/transmissions, with absolutely no regard for the service aspect of ownership.

Yup! That’s how you remove them from a Contour/Mystique with a V6 engine.


maybe they should take some lessons from the asian imports then.

or do they not use sub assemblies in production of their cars?

its a different thought process.

as long as they dont talk to the GERMANS (now theres a mess )

good day!

Is to, “…just slide the axle to the side…” one of those simplistic things that some people do (and it sounds so easy), such as, “…just drop an engine into a car…”? Is the engine drop something one could do during a single smoke break?

This is bad design, bad engineering and bad planning. Unions do NOT make these choices, management does. Toyota makes its cars and trucks in the USA, and its factories are unionized, too. It just does a smarter job of planning and engineering. The American auto industry has been stupid and greedy for too long and now it is choking on the junk it has created.

It’s a function of smaller cars and more stuff under the hood. Every make has a few models where a traditionally simple repair is absurdly complicated. I’m just crossing my fingers that the alternator doesn’t go out on my Accord, since it’s the same deal as the Cougar, but even a little bit trickier.

Doctors Now Repair Heart Valves Through Incisions In The Groin. I’m Not Suggesting That, but …
this job hits close to that same general area. It’s actually not harder than doing a valve grind through the tailpipe. Sorry, thought you might be ready for a little humor (very little).

It’s simpler than was supposed; though it takes some patient maneuvering to get the alternator down, and then, out. The RH steering tie-rod end has to be disconnected. “Details at eleven.” I’ll post when I finish.

I have done plenty of cougars with this config,and its not as difficult as the winer states in the article.

some people dont think outside the box. (simple)

and to the enginge comment,yes its a simple as walking ,step one uhook all plumbing,and wireing and remove BIG piece,then install big piece.(and a full pack of smokes).

eclipse turbo pays 23hrs flat rate ,can be done in 8hrs,and yes short block.

bonneville pays 15hrs ,and can be done in 6hrs.

good day!

Don’t blame Ford. entirely…This vehicle was built and designed in Australia.

I have done plenty of cougars with this config,and its not as difficult as the winer states in the article.
The op does not give any hint of being a whiner (spelled with an H), the op simply asked a question. There is really no need to condemn people when they ask a question. Asking a question means that person wants to gain knowledge, learning should occur everyday. Your comment about thinking outside the box can apply to yourself in this instance.

S’truth, that explains it! You just have to turn the car upside down.

There’s never been a car made that does not have X number of items on it that are a pain in the neck to repair or service.

statement was not aimed at the OP,it was aimed at the article whiner.(thanks for the spelling fix)thought it looked wrong.question was answered
slide the axle to the need to remove any tie rod JUST makes it out when clocked just perfect it will come out.

does that help?

read and comprehend the whole story before you climb up the wrong tree.(and start cutting branches)then find out your at the wrong address.

bloom where its cold!