Exterior Vinyl Roof Treatments

I try on occasions to answer the odd question here and there, now it’s my turn to pose one…

I’ve just inherited Grandpa’s 90 Mercury Marquis, the car is a perfect 1 owner example with only 48,000 miles on the clock. The car has always been garaged but it does have a vinyl half roof, I’d like to keep it in good condition along with the rest of the car. Any suggestions on a good cleaner / preservative brand for this type of thing ?

I want to avoid drying / cracking and water ingress.


I use a product called Black Chrome on the rubber trim on my 93 Caprice. It keeps the rubber nice and black but I would test it on a small area of the roof first. I would also invest in a Dashmat to cover the dashpad to keep it from cracking. http://www.dashmatoutlet.com/index2a.php?id1=1461
It took me 2 1/2 years to find a replacement dash pad for my Caprice.


Ed B.

Thanks I’ll look into it.

With stuff like this, prevention is definately cheaper than the cure.

Frankly I don't think there are any products that will PREVENT ageing.  The products tend to make it look better, but not really protect it.  Plastic is not a really long lived product. Sun and ozone exposure is really bad for it, but just sitting in the dark it will go bad. 

I would suggest four things.  First, keep it in the garage when you are not driving it.  Second, keep it clean without using any harsh chemicals.  Third, use your choice of the commercial products sold for that use when it shows its age.  Forth, when it no longer helps, replace it.  The cost is not that much for a replacement.

Use lemon Pledge on the vinyl roof. This not only cleans the vinyl, but the lemon oil in the Pledge conditions the vinyl.


I had an '89 I inherited from my father. What a smooth ride that thing had! I don’t know what will work best but I can tell you I regretted ever putting ArmorAll on the vinyl roof. The rear window was streaked with that stuff for a long time afterward and it was a bear to clean it off. It finally dissipated after awhile and then I just kept it clean and out of the sun as much as possible.