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Looking for natural alternatives to Armor All

After 14 years I recently purchased a new-ish car and want to keep it in good condition. My black vinyl interior is already showing signs of drying out. I have never been much of a fan or Armor All and wanted to know if there were any natural alternatives to vinyl protectors. Knowing this is a chemistry question, I thought you guys might have some suggestions I could try.

Also, any natural, less toxic suggestions for windshield washer fluid?


a microfiber cloth moistened with water.

Your dash doesn’t need anything more than that.

If these vinyl areas don’t include the seats, then I would use Lemon Pledge. The lemon oil in the Pledge would be left behind on the vinyl to prevent it from drying out. But don’t spray the Pledge directly on the vinyl such as the dash. Otherwise the inside of windshield can get coated with this lemon oil. Instead, spray it into a cloth and wipe the area down.

As far as washer fluid, it just contains distilled water, some methyl alcohol, and some blue dye. If you live where the temperature doesn’t drop below freezing, you can get by with plain distilled water.


You could try some saddle soap on the seats and see how it does…It can’t hurt. It’s the BEST treatment for leather but I don’t know about plastic…

Washer fluid is toxic only if you drink it…It’s just wood alcohol and water…

“Natural” alternative to care for vinyl? That’s a good one.