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Is it possible to eliminate all or most of the exhaust from a '76 diesel landcruser? And what can be done about the exhaust coming from the the pipe coming off the engine?

Scrapping the vehicle offers the BEST solution…Thirty year old vehicles using fifty year old engine technology can not be cleaned up as you fantasize…

But you can JUSTIFY driving a high pollution vehicle by pointing to a railroad locomotive and say “Me???, look at THAT thing!”

There are particulate filters. See your semi-tractor (lorry) dealer, today.

Do you mean you are smelling exhaust in the cabin, or do you mean you see a black exhaust out the tail pipe, or do you feel it is just too much pollution?

Yes, it is possible. A banana will work.

Seriously, a whole lot of analysis of the engine would have to be done to determine its current state of wear and condition to even determin eif it could be brought back to “like new” even with a rebuild.

And that “exhaust” could be a leak or oil dripping down onto the manifold. It would need to be looked at.

Well you certainly are a positive person. Did you write that response while eating your big mac and sucking down a reverse osmosis coca cola flavored Dasani? The problem is being solved now and with technology today the problem will be fixed. I bet those super sized fries taste great!

Thank you! I did find a leak and am fixing it now. The engine is in good order and with a new exhaust upgrade as well as using alternative fuel, I believe it will run even better.

Yes. Stop all the emissions from the exhaust simply by adding a reservoir to the vehicle to capture the exhaust. A '76 Landcruiser is a large vehicle, and the back can be used to store lots of exhaust. Run a pipe from the tailpipe to an open window, ducttape the window air-tight, and drive in peace knowing your no longer polluting the atmosphere. Just don’t fall asleep. :smiley:

Maybe you can ride shotgun and make sure everything goes well. At least I am on my way to a vehicle with no emission.